american health

Obesity is notoriously very common in Usa, also if Europe and the rest of other developed areas are following quite closely the tracks of the guide-country. Cancer, diabetes, cardiopathy, Alzheimer, are also a quasi-normality in the States.

Nutrition and diseases
Where there are huge problems of health, it is logic that in reaction some movements come out and try to set up new alternative methods and standards about diet and life behaviour.
A great country in the good and in the bad. This is America. Also a giant true laboratory to study the various statistic researches on all sort of problems connected with nutrition and diseases.

That is one of the reasons why we deserve so much space to America. But the main reason is obviously that we love America with all our heart, and that we are close friends of America, notwithstanding the big and serious censures we have punctually listed in the present work.

The other countries, at least on nutritional and salutistic themes, often appear as cultural colonies, or retarded photocopies of the guide-country.

Dean Burk, of National Cancer Institute, paraphrasing Gandhi, has rightly said that The integrity and the happiness of a nation are directly proportional to the health state of its citizens.

Serene and pain-free disappearance replaced
Unfortunately today in Usa does not exist anymore, except rare exceptions, people who dies of natural old age. A serene and pain-free disappearance has been replaced by cardiac attacks, infarts, ictus, cancers, diabetes, all situations innatural and very sad, but already accepted and considered as normality.

Living healthy
It is wellknown that living healthy and living long is a correct ambition for all of us. Ending badly, under the surgical tools or under the devastating cures of radiotheraphy and chemiotheraphy, is not the best thing to do. They are experiences that nobody would like to try even for an instant, never mind if young or old or almost dying patient.
But this final solution instead, is becoming an ill-fated and a sinister story for too many people.

On an egyptian papyrus it is written that If a man reaches 30 years of age, and still has the necessity of a doctor or of a priest, it means that he is a complete failure, somebody who lived without learning anyting from life.

If we think that, in our today’s society, the most substantial amount of efforts and expenses goes to doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical cures, we fully realize how much bankrupted is the present humanity way of living.