the eternal fable of milk

Just figure out the eternal fable of the good milk containing lots of good calcium, being repeated again and again in the majority of paediatrics clinics of the worls, while we are witnessing this macroscopic hoax of unacquainted people who goes on drinking milk to avoid osteoporosis, while they are causing a decalcification to their own poor bones.


A phenomenon where the good internal calcium has got to work for expelling to the lavatory the bad external calcium of milk, accompanied by the lethal joiners glue called casein. All this complex and costly operation is carried out with the intervention of hypotalamus, of sensors, of lymphatic and hormonal systems.

Becoming breast-fed for life (first wrong thing) with the milk robbed to other creatures (second wrong thing), evidently does not pay, does not give any good result to anybody, except milk industries. In fact it still remains a big world business, interconnected with meat trade.


That’s why whoever dares to touch this subject is immediately branded as a heretic. Down your hands from milk and meat, real golden lode of present times. Too many whirling interests turn around this shameful and pharisaical commerce.
The clear proof that milk and dairy products are causing osteoporosis is also supplied by statistics. Where people do not consume milk osteoporosis is an unknown phenomenon. Where there is instead a wide dairy consumption osteoporosis travels al high levels.