when health is missing

Already in 300 B.C., Herophylus, atomist greek medical doctor, among the founders of Alexandria medical school, warned people to bring more respect for their own body.

When health is missing, wisdom has no value, arts cannot be performed, the power of mind and spirit is absent, and richness has no meaning at all. Herophylus was perfectly right. We like also to add that, when health is missing, you cannot even eat.

There is another old anonymous proverb, taken directly from Egypt papyri, saying thay

No title, no sceptre, no richness, have the value of a radiant health.
Nobody should then claim that we lack of knowledge and warnings about this fundamental subject.
Our urgent message towards today’s people is to change drastically the way of eating.

Even medical doctors now are saying more or less the same bloody thing, worried about the freightening multiplication of serious and incurable diseases. Change your way, change your system, change your method of eating. This announcement is for the people who do not accept to end among the moltitudes of obese and chronic diseased ones. And it is also the same usual message launched by hygiene movements from decennia and centuries.

But censuring somebody about his food seems a very hard task, as it means entering in to his own intimate sphere, in his personal business, in his style-taste-culture. Questioning and disputing delicatessen, that is salted meat, cheese and diaries, wine and beer, means going against a big mountain and trying to move it somewhere. Humans are often lazy and routinist, they love sticking to their own convictions-persuasions-habits.

But when you are at the end of the wrong road, there is no more space for hesitations.
The alternative is clear for everybody. We must chose if staying with health or with disease.

From the salutist parties in the first place, but also from the Responsible Medical movements, the ones who are truly trying to take the world population out of the big troubles, the messages and the warnings are very clear. The entire world is about being ruined and cut down by aberrant nutritional habits. As simple as that.

For too many years there was a belief that people was anyhow able to solve his problems, without the need of specific education on food. That was a foolish idea. Education did arrive, but from the wrong sources, from the television channels, from the advertising spots.

By that way, a large mass of diseducated and vulnerable population was created in the world. People prey of the worst possible school, which is the school of brakeless consumism. We are in front of a planetary food education paradox. The most efficient world nutrition teachers are not the universities or the high schools or the hygienist associations, but the breeders and the butchers, the wine and coffee producers, the synthetic vitamins makers and the tobacco manufacturers.

This groups and cartels and business compounds are the only one, thanks to their big financial power, able to bring their daily messages and instructions directly to the people, to the individuals one by one.

Our problem today is how to start and develop a cultural war against analphabetism, prejudice, ignorance, which are very widely and deeply spread out in the field of nutrition and health.

Ignorance and analphabetism involving and obscuring the minds and the senses not only of laymen and housewives, but even the ones of higher level people, including celebrated doctors and artists and sport champs. The nutritional analphabetism, to be clear, is the one that makes you undervalue and underestimate some basic principles, that brings you to eat anything contradicting and offending the precise logic and design of your own organism, that leads you to go against the precise disposition of the creator and at the same time against your own physical-mental-spiritual interests.