elimination of body waste

Staying well and in a good shape means first of all having an alkaline blood. Blood alkalinity represents in fact an indispensable condition from our health.

On the opposit, acidity is already a bad malady situation. Toxemia itself is an acid phenomenon. Acidity is a primary cause of almost all pathologic conditions of human body.
This kind of problem is extraordinarily important and people talk too little and to seldom about it.

Elimination of body waste
Another essential fact, which nobody seems realizing, is the appropriate elimination of body wastes.

This is in absolute the most essential factor of nutrition and health. Because nutrition does not consists only in putting things inside, but also in putting things and residuals regularly outside.

Denatured foods are cause of hunger and of nutritional shortages. A mediocre elimination is automatic cause of self-poisoning. So much true that death due to retention of digestive liquid residuals, arrives more rapidly than death due to hunger.