It is the slowed-down transit and the delayed expulsion of fecal residuals from intestines and colon that create the worst internal damages. Constipation in fact brings to all kind of indispositions.

Constipation and self-intoxication

There are hundreds and thousands of medical documents, some of them written even centuries ago, which link constipation and constipation poisons to all forms of bad diseases, cancer included.

Liver and kidneys
The high-protein diet produces a predominance of anaerobic putrefactive bacteria in the colon, and an accumulation of different toxic chemical elements. The bile fluids, when ricirculating from colon to the liver, bring toxins which must be neutralized by the liver before being eliminated via the kidneys.
But the liver is incapable to detoxify totally such poisons, and these dangerous wastes are sent back to sender (colon), and then they return filter-free into circulation up to the kidney, procuring renal disasters.
Our vital organs work constantly non-stop to detoxify the blood and eliminate noxious substances.

For years that happens regularly, and most of poisons are actually discharged and expelled. But all the poisonous untreatable excesses which excretory organs have been unable to neutralize, are gradually stored in all internal tissues and organs, causing them premature aging and impaired functioning.

It can happen that a person, even if maintained for years ar reasonable levels of health, and even apparently young and in good shape, or even an athlet in activity, have got instead internal organs near the breaking and exhaustion point, where there is no time and no way to do anything.